Transport of powdered products:
- Alumina
- Cement, plaster, lime and other minerals
- Ash
- Fertilisers, animal feedstuffs
- Flour, cocoa, powdered milk, etc.



The various fabrics are differentiated by:
- The characteristics of their fibres
- Their permeability
- Their thickness
- Their temperature resistance



Mortelecque is one of a small number of companies that specialise in fluidisation. With our extensive experience and the use of our pilot plant we can determine the type of cloth that is most suitable for your product and your application, in terms of optimum operational characteristics and durability.



Our cutting tables, continuous full width heat cutting, laser cutting and special sewing machines, etc. enable us to provide a comprehensive range of fluidisation products for various markets:
- All widths for AIRSLIDES
- Cones and sections for the bases of storage and blending SILOS
- Custom-made cones of all sizes, with coated flanges for SHIPMENT TANKS AND PNEUMATIC CONVEYING
- Conical cloths for all makes of LORRIES AND RAILWAY WAGONS


Process filtration
for the environment

Design - Manufacture - Installation

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